Playing Basque Pelota in Paris ⚾

Kaixo Bihotz Lovers, 

Have you ever heard about Basque pelota?

Basque pelota is the name for a variety of court sports played with a ball using one's hand, a racket, a wooden bat or a basket, against a wall (frontis or Fronton) or, more traditionally, with two teams face to face separated by a line on the ground or a net. The roots of this class of games can be traced to the Greek and other ancient cultures.


Parisian Basque Pelota

Nowadays, we can find two places where we can play Basque Pelota in Paris:


1. Chiquito de Cambo

The Chiquito de Cambo trinquet* is located at 8, quai Saint-Exupéry (16th arrondissement of Paris). This trinquet, named after a great pelota champion, Chiquito de Cambo, is the most modern of the six found in the capital. Inaugurated in 1988, it has a glass wall between the public and the players.


2. Trinquet de la Cavalerie

Created in 1929, this club is located at 8 rue de la Cavalerie (15th arrondissement of Paris). The trinquet* is specially fitted out on the roof of a newly built garage. It has been running continuously since its creation, and it's a member of the French Federation of Basque Pelota. The initiative fell to a group of Argentines, of Basque origin, living in Paris.

*A trinquet is a 28.5 m court with an inclined roof all along the left wall. It allows the variants of handball, paleta-rubber, paleta-leather and xare. 


Feel like playing with us?

Goraintziak Parisetik, 

Bihotz Paris 💕


Women playing basque pelota. England, 1925. Bihotz Paris


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