Intellectual property

All the website elements such as the graphic, sound, textual elements including the underlying technology and product presentation are the exclusive propriety of Bihotz Paris.

The web user is forbidden to reproduce, represent or diffuse, even partially, any element part of the website.

All reproductions or representations of the website www.bihotzparis.comΒ are submitted to the specific and prior agreement of Bihotz Paris.

The non compliance of this obligation is an infraction that engages the criminal justice responsibility of the author.

All techniques such as framing or deep-linking are strictly forbidden unless special written authorization is delivered by Bihotz Paris.

The β€œBihotz Paris” name was subject to a trademark registration at the INPI (brand nΒ°4575392). In consequence, all reproductions of this brand, non authorized by Bihotz Paris constitute a counterfeit act that can be the object of penal or criminal prosecutions.

The web user is thus forbidden to harm the β€œBihotz Paris” brand. It is strictly forbidden to use or reproduce the Bihotz Paris name for any reason, on any medium without the prior and written authorization of Bihotz Paris.Β