Terms & Conditions

General conditions


WTIB, SARL, is the exclusive licensee of Bihotz Paris brand name and www.bihotzparis.com. According this document it’s regulated the online purchases, operations, technology and customer service of www.bihotzparis.com.

1- Identifying data

WTIB, SARL, (Bihotz Paris in advance) is inscribed in the register of French merchant offices with SIREN number 853 308 211  R.C.S. NANTERRE.

2- Description of service

Bihotz Paris manages the online sales operations of www.bihotzparis.com store, specializing in the sale of items with Bihotz Paris designs.

3- Use of www.bihotzparis.com site and services

3.1 License to use the web and services of www.bihotzparis.com

Bihotz Paris offers a limited, revocable license to use their services in accordance with the General Conditions of Use. This license does not include the right to collect or use information from the site for purposes prohibited by www.bihotzparis.com, competing with www.bihotzparis.com, creating graphics based on the contents of www.bihotzparis.com, or saving a copy of the site.

3.2 Services offered by third parties

www.bihotzparis.com uses the services of other companies, such as delivery companies, to carry out certain services. www.bihotzparis.com does not have any control over these third parties or their services, nor does www.bihotzparis.com have any responsibility for incidences which may arise through the contracting of these third parties.

4- General rules

4.1 Prohibited use:

You may not attempt to cause any damage to the site or services of www.bihotzparis.com. For instance, and this list is neither complete nor exhaustive, you may not:

Obstruct the services of www.bihotzparis.com using a virus or other programs designed to cause damage to any hardware or software.

Modify or create versions of any technology used on www.bihotzparis.com.

Use any type of script, robot, or technology to monitor the site.

Collect emails or other information through emails through the services of www.bihotzparis.com.

Impersonate another person or entity.

4.2 Privacy and protection of personal data:

At www.bihotzparis.com we are especially concerned with security and guarantee the confidentiality of the data provided by our customers. We promise to give you the best service and the best online experience.

When a customer completes an order through our secure online server, personal data, addresses, and information related to your purchase and method of payment are incorporated into our database to process the order. In no case will personal information be transferred or sold outside of www.bihotzparis.com.

You may check our Privacy and Protection of Personal Data.

Data Protection Act:

In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law 679/2016 of 27 April, regarding Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that: WTIB SARL with French SIREN number 853 308 211  R.C.S. NANTERRE.

A. As a unique owner, the manager of this file is WTIB SARL, SIREN number 853 308 211 with registered office in Paris, France.

B. WTIB SARL, guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by customers. In addition to the minimum required by law, the collection and usage of such data is carried out under strict security standards to prevent the loss or manipulation of said data.

C. In accordance with current legislation, all customers of www.bihotzparis.com have the right to access, repudiate, cancel, or oppose their information. Furthermore, at any moment the client may express their desire NOT to receive any type of publicity. To exercise these rights, customers can email contact@bihotzparis.com.

D. In order to best carry out its services, WTIB SARL, is required to provide certain customer data (name, address, telephone, etc.) to other companies that collaborate in the provision of services (carriers, etc.). In all cases, the data we provide is strictly necessary for the specific task they are to carry out.


4.3 Conditions of purchase:

At www.bihotzparis.com we are especially concerned with security and guarantee the confidentiality of the data provided by our customers. We promise to give you the best service and the best online experience.

1. System of sale:

To complete a purchase, the user must send an order online using the checkout process designed for that purpose. Please check out the step by step information on how to order.

2. Applicable taxes:

The prices of the products at www.bihotzparis.com include Value Added Tax (VAT) unless otherwise specified. Taxes are broken down in the cart, estimate and order summary

3. Method of payment:

When ordering, the customer must pay by means of paypal or Credit card. Only this way will the order be finalized and pass to schedule the delivery. In certain cases and to prevent possible fraud, www.bihotzparis.com reserves the right to request customers use a specific payment method.

 4. Shipping method, costs, and time:

www.bihotzparis.com sends its orders through different transport companies. The shipping price is automatically calculated at the time you request an estimate or complete your order and it´s calculated based on the order's weight and destination. Consult our shipping info page for more detailed information on shipping time by country of shipment. Delivery times vary depending on quantity ordered and countries were the shipment must be made. Please consult the delivery Timelines page for the expected delivery times. It is possible that for one reason or another, an order may suffer certain delays in delivery, due to stock shortages, prior customer confirmation, etc. In any case www.bihotzparis.com shall deliver the products at the shipping address indicated by the customer in the shortest possible time according to the usual delivery timelines and shipment time and in any case, always within thirty (30) calendar days from the date on which the order was made. Delivery times may be altered by extraordinary incidents during transport or by difficulties encountered while delivering merchandise. www.bihotzparis.com can not accept any responsibility for delays caused by the transport agency, but is committed to replace within a reasonable period any merchandise which has been damaged or lost by said agency.

5- Return policy:

At www.bihotzparis.com we want to provide you easy returns. You will find our return policy in section "Returns" in our Product pages.

In case you need assistance to proceed to make a return, you can write to contact@bihotzparis.com with all questions you want to be solved.

5- Rights of www.bihotzparis.com:

5.1 Monitoring. www.bihotzparis.com reserves the right (without assuming the responsibility) to monitor the transactions and communications on this site. If Bihotz Paris determines, at their own discretion, that a user has broken or may break a condition in the General Conditions of Use or said transaction or communication is inappropriate it may cancel or restrict the access of said user, without further responsibility for the implicated parties.

5.2 Modifications of service: Bihotz Paris reserves the right to modify the distribution, organization, and appearance of the site and the services offered, and can change or suspend its services and/or prices without advance notice and without further obligation.

 5.3 Cancellation of contract: Bihotz Paris, at its discretion and with or without notice, may:        

a) Suspend or limit the use of www.bihotzparis.com for a specific user, or close down an account.
b) Remove any content from the servers and directories of www.bihotzparis.com.
c) Prohibit the use of www.bihotzparis.com services.

 5.4 Communication sent by users. www.bihotzparis.com reserves the right to use material and communications sent by users in: questions, comments, forums, ideas, and contests; for marketing and other promotional acts, without considering these communications confidential.

6- Link Policies:

www.bihotzparis.com is not responsible for those websites or files that can be accessed through hypertext (links) available on these pages, given that said linked pages are the responsibility of their respective owners. This site, therefore, neither approves nor endorses products, services, content, information, data, files, or any other type of material on those pages and does not control nor is responsible for the quality, legality, reliability, nor usability of the information, contents, or services found on linked sites which are outside www.bihotzparis.com. In the event that it is deemed appropriate or that a competent body declares illegal the data on a linked site, ordering its withdrawal or denying access, or it having been declared injurious, and we have been notified expressly of the relevant decision, the relevant links will be immediately removed.

7- Limitation of responsibilities:

www.bihotzparis.com does not accept responsibility for any injury or damage of any nature that may be caused by lack of availability or the continued operation of www.bihotzparis.com.

8- Applicable law and jurisdiction:

These General Conditions are governed by French law. If the purchase of products is made by an Individual, for the resolution of any disputes, the parties agree to submit, at their choice, and waiving any other jurisdiction that may be entitled, to the courts and tribunals with jurisdiction over the Customer.

If the purchase of products is made by a Company, for the resolution of any disputes, the parties agree to submit, at their choice, and waiving any other jurisdiction that may be entitled, to the courts and tribunals with jurisdiction over the Bihotz Paris.