How to say "I Love You" in Basque 💕

Kaixo Bihotz lovers!


How're you doing? After several of your requests, we've decided to send you a list of our most romantic Basque words and phrases, so you surprise your soulmate with a lovely text message:



1. Maite zaitut - I love you
2. Maitemindu - Fall in love
3. Faltan botatzen zaitut - I miss you
5. Nire laztana - My honey
6. Polita zara - You're beautiful
7. Emaidazu musutxu bat - Give me a little kiss
8. Besarkatu nazazu - Hug me
9. Nire bihotza - My heart
10. Nire altxorra - My treasure



Have a wonderful day!
Gorantziak Parisetik.
Bihotz Paris 💕

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  • Maite zaitut,
    maite- maite zaitut;
    pila, pila, pila patata tortilla!
    Maite zaitut. Maite-maite zaitut,
    ilargiraino eta buelta maite zaitut

    Eder on

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