4 words in Basque you should absolutely learn 👩‍🏫

4 words in Basque

Coucou Bihotz lovers!
They say Basque is one of the most difficult languages to learn, as it isn't related to any other language. But we're here to break the myth, showing you how to learn this beautiful language easily. Are you up to the challenge? Continue reading!


1. Musutruk 💋

In Basque we don't say “for free”, we say “musutruk” which translates to “in exchange of a kiss”.

2. Bihotz 💓

In Basque we don't say "heart", we say "bihotz", which comes from "bi" (two) and "hots" (beats).

3. Sorgin 🧙‍♀️

In Basque we don't say “witch”, we say “sorgin” which translates to “creator”.

4. Laztana 🤗

In Basque we don’t say "darling", we say "laztana" which means “caress”.

Bihotz Paris aims to support Basque language internationally!
Basque or Euskara is one of the world's oldest languages that's still spoken today.
Euskara is a member of the Pre-Indo-European language family. This mysterious language is the official language of the Basque Country (Euskal Herria) and we can't be more proud to share it with you!
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Goraintziak Parisetik,
Bihotz Paris

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