Best Basque Gift Ideas ūüéĀ

Kaixo Bihotz Lovers,

Whether you're looking for a nice Basque gift for your beloved one or if you want to give yourself an affordable but AWESOME and eco-friendly present in Euskera, you can find below ideas that are guaranteed to please. Help yourself!


Bihotz T-shirt

The perfect gift for your romantic and sensitive friend. She might not find it easy to fall profoundly in love, as such love demands a combination of many virtues that are rare to find, but, you'll see, this sustainable Basque T-shirt will open up her heart.


Bihotz T-shirt in organic cotton. Basque embroidery


In Basque we don't say "heart", we say "bihotz", which comes from "bi" (two) and "hots" (beats), and we think it's beautiful.


Sorgin T-shirt

This eco-friendly T-shirt is perfect for painters, musicians, writers, designers... Creative people often like expressing themselves through bold fashion statements. So, if you want to nail that memorable inspiring gift for that creative someone, you've just found it! 



In Basque we don't say ‚Äúwitch‚ÄĚ, we say ‚Äúsorgin‚ÄĚ which translates to ‚Äúcreator‚ÄĚ.


Laztana T-shirt

We all have a delicate friend, who is very in touch with his feminine side. Take care of her the way she deserves with a meaningful and unique gift. Laztana T-shirt has everything you're looking for: elegancy, softness and timelessness. And it's made in organic cotton!



In Basque we don‚Äôt say darling, we say laztana which means ‚Äúcaress‚ÄĚ.


Musutruk T-shirt

Musutruk T-shirt brings passions to life. Do you have a a sensual, emotionally-expressive friends who loves surprises? She will love this cool and unusual gift, perfect to attract everyone's looks while staying elegant, trendy and eco-friendly!



In Basque we don't say ‚Äúfor free‚ÄĚ, we say ‚Äúmusutruk‚ÄĚ which translates to ‚Äúin exchange of a kiss‚ÄĚ.

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  • Love your brand! My family is from the Basque Country

    • Kimberly
  • Kaixo!
    Gracias por vuestras palabras bonitas :)
    De momento vendemos 100% online.
    En los √ļltimos modelos de camisetas que hemos sacado, ‚Äúbihotzparis‚ÄĚ est√° impreso en la espalda. Esperamos que os gusten ūüíē
    Eskerrik asko zuei!
    Nora & Aran

    • Bihotz Paris
  • Vendeis camisetas con bihotzparis bordado?

    • nerea