In Basque we don't say kitchen, we say sukalde, which means “beside the fire”. 🍳

Kaixo Bihotz lovers,
Spotted, Aitana from Masterchef is wearing the "Sukaldari" T-shirt from Bihotz Paris. 👩‍🍳🍳
Aitana is one of the finalist of Masterchef TV program. Last month we had the pleasure to see her wearing our "sukaldari" T-shirt and posting a picture of it on her Instagram account. Isn't it amazing?
She also published a video wearing our T-shirt while she was cooking one of her favourite recipes. Yummy!
We were so proud of making this capsule collection and sharing it with people like her. The word "Sukaldari" has been embroided at the level of the heart.



What does Sukaldari mean? 👩‍🍳

In Basque we don't say chef, we say sukaldari, which comes from "su" (fire) and "alde" (side), referring to the one next to the fire.


Enjoy the meal! On egin 🍝
Best wishes from Bihotz Paris 💕


Bihotz Paris Basque Brand

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  • Se puede comprar la cami sukaldari?

    • Marko
  • Atzo ikusi neban zuen argazkia Aitana Masterchefekoarekin jujuju Zelako ilusioaaaaaaaa

    • Maritxu
  • Buenas,
    Queria sabes si vais a sacar camisetas con la palabra sukaldari. Me encantaria comprar una para regalo!!! Las camisetas se pueden personalizar? y las palabras en las camisetas estan bordadas o impresas?
    Muchas gracias de antemano,
    Un saludo,

    • meri