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3 years together 🥂

It’s time to blow out the candles. 🎂

It's been three years since we started this great adventure of sharing our language internationally. 🌏

Eco-friendly gifts

Have you ever thought about giving eco-friendly gifts? With a little imagination and a bit of thought, it is possible to make original, beautiful gifts that are suitable for everyone and, at the same time, respectful of the environment 
The aim of this post is to help you find the perfect alternative. 

Euskal abesti gogokoenak 🎵

Music is fun and it gives you an inside look into the way people express themselves. We encourage you to listen to Basque music as it's a great way to learn this wonderful language.

This is why we've decided to create several playlists for you, based on our favourite and timeless love songs, from Basque and French individual artists, bands and composers.

How to be more sustainable 🌱

How to be more sustainable 🌱

Some tips on how we all (without exception) can take care of the planetThere are a lot of things that we can all do in order to lead a more sustainable life and do our bit, even with very little effort. Small acts that can make a big difference both in our lives and in the lives of others.  

Euskal txoko miresgarriak

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities, even though for us, there's nothing like the lands of our Basque Country. So, if you have nothing to do this summer, here are 3 wonderful and beautiful places that you will not regret visiting: Oma Forest, The Flysch and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe