About Us


Bihotz Paris was founded by two homesick Basque girls feeling a huge "HERRIMIN" . They've been living abroad for four years and they've decided to
launch their brand to keep their mother tongue alive.

We love our planet, and we've always felt connected to nature.

We love fashion too, But we want garments that respect humans and enviroment.

That's why we make cool sustainable fashion, using organic cotton and making the embroidery in Paris.

We live in Paris and we love this city. We're nostalgic about our hometown, but we love travelling throw vintage films, books and music.



In Bihotz Paris we firmly believe fashion is on its way towards sustainability, and this is why we use ethical practices to create our collections. Coming from the Basque Country, a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and the sea, we've always felt connected to nature and, thereby, we've chosen to slow down and act against fast fashion. Taking care of the environment is our number one priority!

Slowing down fast fashion
So we've decided to break the pattern launching Bihotz Paris, a sustainable fashion brand which aims to promote Basque culture, respecting the environment. Our brand carefully chooses high-quality garments that will last
longer, ensuring good and safe working conditions for our producers.

What's behind Bihotz garments?
Bihotz Paris is a brand that respects the environment, producing human-friendly clothes. 
We've implemented a pre-order method to reduce the stock and avoid mass production.
The embroidery of our garments is locally made in Paris.
We believe in fashion that has a lower impact on the environment, opting for sustainable materials.
Our T-shirts and sweatshirts are certified with organic standards. Moreover, we don't allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and our cotton is grown with methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. The collections we launch are made of natural materials, sustaining the health of soils, ecosystems and people.