Amalur 🌞 Taller Silvestre X Bihotz Paris 🌝

Dear Bihotz Lovers,

We've launched a collaboration with Taller Silvestre, a contemporary craft project that celebrates the beauty of the earth and simple life.

The reason of this partnership? 

We share the same values, both feeling a huge respect for nature. 🌱
Nature is present in every piece of Taller Silvestre. Alina and Vero, creators of this young brand, collect plants and flowers to work in various fields like harvesting. 🌼

For them, gathering is a language to tell stories and landscapes. To express the emotion that makes them feel the beauty of nature and to bring the forest into your home. 

We've decided to join forces celebrating our love of nature with the launch of the Amalur T-shirt.

The ancestral language unites us, in fact Basque is a language deeply linked to the land, as well as the collecting instinct. 

We've printed the word "Amalur" on it, which means Mother Earth. In fact, Amalur was the goddess of the earth in ancient Basque mythology. She also was the mother of "Eguzki" 🌞 (the sun) and "Ilargi" 🌝 (the moon).
With the launch of this organic cotton T-Shirt, we aim to make society aware of the environmental concern, inciting them to adopt an eco-friendly behavior. 🌍

Amalur. Mother Earth Tshirt. Taller Silvestre x Bihotz Paris

This creation is fair-trade manufactured and made of organic cotton.

In Bihotz Paris we firmly believe fashion is on its way towards sustainability, and this is why we use ethical practices to create our collections. 

Organic cotton uses 70% less water and reduces the carbon footprint by 22% compared to conventional cotton. 💧


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