Our 10 favourite Basque proverbs 📝

Kaixo Bihotz Lovers, 

Do you want to learn some useful Basque expressions?


Get a paper and a pencil, you're ready to go: 📝


1. A, zer parea! Karakola eta barea!

"Oh, what a pair, a snail and a slug."
Said of people who share similar defects or habits, and spend time together.



2. Aberats izatea baino, izen ona hobe.

"Rather than being rich, a good name is better."
It's better to have a good reputation than to be rich. 


3. Adiskide onekin, orduak labur.

"With a good friend, the hours short."
Time flies when you are among friends.

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4. Ardi txikia, beti bildots.

"Sheep small, always lamb."

Naturally, a small sheep is not always a lamb, but people are likely to categorize them that way.



5. Askoren mina, tontoen atsegina.

"The pain of many, the pleasure of the dumb."
Only the stupid find consolation for their suffering in the suffering of others.



6. Beltz guztiak ez dira ikatz.

"Not everything that's black is coal."
Meaning "You can't judge a book by its cover."



7. Kanpoan uso, etxean otso.

"Dove to the world, but a wolf at home."
Said of people who act very friendly towards outsiders but show their worst side with those close to them.


8. Nahi izatea da ahal izatea.

"Wanting is being able."
Meaning "Where there is a will there is a way."


9. Non gogoa, han zangoa.

"Wherever the mind goes, the legs will soon follow."
Said of people who follow their whims, one day here, the next day there. 



10. Orain oraingo eta gero geroko.

"The present for the present and the future for the future."
Let us not worry too much about the future when we have plentyto deal with right now.


You can now start practising! 👩‍🏫  

Goraintziak Parisetik!

  Bihotz Paris 💕

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  • Mi favorito en euskera: Aberats izatea baino, izen ona hobe.

    • laura
  • Estoy empezando a aprender euskera con vuestra marca! Eskerrik asko jaja

    • Patricia
  • Few languages can claim to be more mysterious than Basque. Cool article, thnkx

    • Claire Ponce
  • Neskak! Non aurkitu dezaket zuen playlista? Zuen instagram kontuan ikusi nuen zuen storyxean , baina orain ez dot aurkitzen !!! Milesker zuen lanagatik

    • Aitor
  • Congrats for this article Bihotz Paris. My favourite one: Kanpoan uso, etxean otso. I think it’s so true hahaha

    • James Bond