Lagunak since 1994 👭

Egun on!

It’s time to blow out the candles. 🎂

It's been a year since we started this great adventure of sharing our language internationally. 🌏

But much more than a year since our friendship started. ❤️

We’re actually friends since 1994. 👭 And what a coincidence! The same year as Friends TV Show started. 📺

Yes, we must accept that we’re 90s kids and we’re still so nostalgic for the decade. 🎧

That’s why today we’re launching this special T-shirt to celebrate and share long relationships. 💕

We love this magic Basque word: Lagunak. ✨

Curiously, in Basque we don’t say “friend”, we say laguna, which means “the one who helps”.

We’ve always helped each other and we’ll keep on doing it. 🤟

Nora & Aran 

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  • En euskera no decimos “felicidades” decimos “zorionak” que se traduce como “buenos bajaros”. Mis mejores deseos para vuestra marca, ZORIONAK NESKAK!

    txetxu on
  • Ohhhhh yeahhhh! Bihotz Paris betiko bihotzean! La marca de moda sostenible en euskera más bonita del mundo

    Mery on
  • qué buena! la cami de friends en euskera 😍

    Telmo on
  • Primerako lana! Urte askotarako Bihotz Paris

    IKer on
  • Zorionak neskak! Lan ederra egiten ari zarete :)
    Segi horrela

    Mariluz on

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