Bihotz Paris joins the Fashion Revolution 🌱👕

Bihotz Paris joins the Fashion Revolution 🌱👕

This week is Fashion Revolution Week, with events and marches going on worldwide. But what does that actually mean?

The Fashion Revolution Week is a global week encouraging millions of people to come together to campaign for systemic change in the fashion industry.

Fashion Revolution is a NGO that encourages brands to make fashion that respects people and the environment.

In Bihotz Paris we've decided to take action towards sustainability and that's why today we're revealing you our magic recipe.

Bihotz sukaldari's recipe 👩‍🍳👩‍🍳

In Bihotz Paris we choose the best ingredients to cook sustainable garments 🍳

- 1 pound of organic cotton 🌱

- 1/8 teaspoon of Parisian embroidery 🥐🧵

- 2 cups of Basque words ✒️

- 1 tablespoon of love ❤️

- Without artificial colourings or preserving 🚫🥤


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  • Kaixo,

    Pasa den egunean emailez kontaktatu zintuedan. Zuen markari buruzko elkarrizketa bat egitea gustatuko litzaidake, nire TFG-rako da, moda sostenibleari buruzkoa. esan mese disponible bazaudete. Eskeriikk.


    • laura-gasteiz
  • do you have a shop in Paris? I love your t-shirts :)

    • Hanna
  • Bravo pour vos idées, vos valeurs, votre motivation et votre implication.

    • Léo Devos
  • Coucou Nora et Aran,
    J’ai découvert votre marque sur LinkedIn.
    En lisant les descriptions de ce que vous avez accompli, je suis très fière de vous.

    • Marise
  • Hi Bihotz Paris,
    I’m Pauline from Viva tech. We met one year ago in the event. I just found your brand via LinkedIn.
    Congratulations girls, you are doing a great job! Sustainable fashion is the future 👏
    Are you still in Paris?
    Hope to meet you soon,

    • Pauline